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Yo! Cheap gaming chairs is an important topic when shopping for the best comfort perch, however, there is so much more to talk about and questions to be answered.
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Chairs For Gaming: Find Your Style And Comfort

Big and Tall





PC Games/Racing

Xbox One

Overall Top 5 Best CHEAP Gaming Chairs 2016

Ace Bayou 4.1 Pro Series X Rocker

Features -- Comfort -- Style -- Sensation

!!Prepare For An Amped-Up, Full-Sensory, Rock-Out Experience!!

Cheap Gaming Chairs!

Openwheeler Advanced Racing Driving Sim Gaming Chair

o 6 incredible colors

o Powernap backrest reclines to 155 degrees

o Durable yet stylish - A real trophy addition to your game room or office

o Office - Actually makes your workday enjoyable

o Gaming - Performance PLUS

o Watching sports - Comfort and focus

o Fully ergonomic - Posture specific

Cheap Gaming Chairs – What’s The Catch?

Obviously, you want the most bang for your buck.

Well, this is where it gets interesting.

You don’t have to spend a lot.

You can still get the same thrill it was meant for without a cup holder or leather upholstery.

However, “cheap” is a dysfunctional word.

“You get what you pay for” is unfortunately what you’re left with when cheap trumps sensibility.

We will never recommend that you buy something just because it only costs a ‘dime’.

That would be unfair to you as a consumer.....

You see, we believe, mainly from our own experience, that “cheap” frequently equals “crappy”.

Crappy = Unhappy

In addition, you run the risk of looking like a noob to all of your gaming peeps.

You’ve already spent a nice chunk of change on your video game collection and you want to compliment that with something snazzy.

Not to mention the seriousness of good posture that we discussed earlier.


Sometimes it’s just better to pay a few extra bucks and be deliriously happy (and healthy) with your decision, rather than buying something that will fall out of the sky dead.


If you’re indeed serious about cost in relation to the benefits you get in return, then you're a smart shopper!

The Best Cheap Gaming Chairs

It’s pretty much guaranteed that once you’ve actually used your special new perch, you won’t ever go back to the sofa, or whatever former resting place was supporting your little tush.

It’s like flying first class.

After that, you look at coach in a whole different light.

And yes, I am referring to an old Seinfeld episode.

That said, do you want something that will last a fair amount of time or are you willing to keep buying a new one every year because your inexpensive choices quickly become inadequate, obsolete or worse – dead as a door nail?

Or are you actually brave enough to get really wacky and go “extreme”?

So, when gamers ask “What are the best, yet cheapest gaming chairs?”, they’re really embarking on yet another quest:

Searching for the best product for the cheapest price. Certainly nothing wrong with that.

Chairs For Gaming --
What's All The Hoopla About?

Chairs for gaming are all the rage now. People spend billions of dollars every year on gaming and the novelty doesn’t look like it’s going to decline anytime soon.

“Wish list” and “Save For Later” bookmarks these days are mainly filled with video games, gaming devices, peripherals and components.

So what's all the hype about? Read on.......

Really cool for intensely immersing yourself in a movie, music or video game-play.

Depending on your budget and your individual style, some models are dressed-up with all kinds of extras, including head cushions, leather upholstery and cup-holders (yes, beverages are no longer optional when gaming).

All snoodled up in your own personal cocoon, you’re more likely to perform at optimum levels than if you’re just sitting squarely (yes, that’s definitely a pun) on a sofa or regular chair.

Most are equipped with vibration syncing so that every blast, every gunshot, every tire screech is felt – as if you were literally a part of the game.

But you already know this, right?

You’re thinking, “Do I have to pay a king’s ransom to get this great feature?”


Answer = “No.”

However, with comfort and higher performance in mind, gaming chairs have always carried a bit of a stigma with them.

They’ve been labeled as foolish and lavish contraptions for entitled, spoiled showoffs.

In other words, a complete waste of money.

This couldn't be further from the truth.  Read on............

New studies have uncovered some critical medical developments that can arise from gaming.

The experts agree that anyone who engages in this pastime should employ all necessary measures to reduce physical strain on the body.

It's been said that gaming without proper posture consideration is like motorcycle racing without a helmet.

You Worked Some Overtime And Now, Yippee-Ki-Yay, You're Getting A Gaming Chair!

Shopping, browsing, perusing, looking around, surfin’ the ‘net. We can quibble what to call it but let’s face it, quacks.


Online shopping is supposed to be easier. It's the preferred way to shop.

And that's why you've stopped here! We've done the work for you.

You want the best gaming chair available - one that will fit your situation, needs and style.

Maybe you’re a big guy (or gal).

Not every gaming chair can accommodate the large and lovely.

Or maybe you want something specifically for gaming at your PC.

Or what if you absolutely have to have wireless?

There’s always one specific feature that, if it’s not included, is a deal-breaker.

One thing we’ve learned about these chairs is that they all have bells and whistles.

Some have more, others less.

But they’re all designed to do one thing – make us comfortable.

From this, we get proper focus, optimum performance levels, strong attention span and ergonomic satisfaction.

The rest of the bling is just fluff.

The new AFM technology that ensures you’ll feel every synced vibration, volcanic eruption, earthquake rumble, grand theft auto collision and machine gun blast.

Speakers and subwoofers that could literally blow you out the front window.

And of course, as discussed earlier, your typical sundry extras, such as cup holders, wireless and Bluetooth, smoke machines and laser light displays.

Again, it all comes back to the one primary benefit every gaming chair is equipped to give us -comfort. All of the other benefits branch out from there.

There are so many different types of gaming chairs out there that it’s easy to get caught up in the hoopla and fun when you start browsing.

And while being happy as a pig in poop feels epic at first, it gets old really fast when you’re still chompin’ at the bit trying to decide which one to buy three weeks later.

Save yourself some time and take a look at what we’ve sourced out here for you.

These are the best of the best of the best.

So stop your hemming and hawing and just make up your mind for heaven's sake.

Imagine how fired up you’ll be as it gets closer to delivery day.

You’ll be glad you didn’t wait another minute!


Three Key Factors When Choosing Your
Gaming Chair


Of course, comfort will always be your first priority. Exclusive, unique chairs for gaming activities were first invented because of the aches and pains that gamers were experiencing following long hours of game-play.

Who wouldn’t want to be all snoodled up in a relaxed position, while fighting the forces of evil?

A good chair will envelop you in a way that tranquilizes your body and mind to ensure optimum levels of game-play.

Oh, and there’s nothing juvenile about wanting to be comfortable.

In fact, real gamers know they have “arrived” when they finally start using one.



You can’t concentrate properly if your legs are sore or your back feels like a wookie is jogging in place on your spine.

You can barely hear the sounds over the kids fighting in the other room.

You may as well be dancing with yourself on a slippery rooftop.

Gaming mastery comes after much practice, long hours and being a very patient Padawan.

To perform at maximum capacity, focus and concentration are key.

You must have a skill-set that is acutely keen on all levels – eyesight, hearing, motor coordination, cognitive thinking, etc.

Your gaming chair will ensure your proficiency.


Ergonomics used to be a word that was thrown around quite a bit.


However, it has been tested and medically proven that a pastime that renders you sedentary for long periods of time will indeed cause you physical injury if your posture is poor.

Bad posture has actually become one of the leading reasons that good chairs for gaming are more than necessary, as the cost of not using one can be exorbitantly high in the long run.

What Doctors Are Saying


The Number One Issue That A Gaming Chair Can Fix -- Posture!

Oh good grief. As I stated earlier, this one is probably the worst.

Before I started using a good gaming chair, I was so guilty of bad posture that I could have been the poster child.

One of the most common positions in the world of gaming is referred to as “totally immersed”.

Neck and head pitched forward, elbows or arms fixed on the knees, body inclining forward and eyes totally fixated on the screen.

Then there’s the body “slump” or “slouch”.

Exactly as it states, a gamer sits back on a regular sofa or chair.

Oftentimes with feet and legs elevated.

He/she thinks they are relaxed, when all the while they are actually crushing themselves.

Bursitis, disc complications, pinched nerves, orthopedic issues, migraines, digestion problems, impaired circulation, osteoarthritis……..and the list goes on and on, folks.

It’s no longer a secret that pinched nerve issues are the most common injuries within the gaming community.

More gamers have it than are willing to admit because it’s also known as the “nerd” injury.

cheap gaming chairs - chairs for gaming

Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon has referenced his “old Nintendo injury” (also known as nintendonitis), on several occasions and is seen wearing a very sophisticated brace during an event where button-pushing was expected to be extreme.

The best solution for posture issues is an ergonomically correct seating arrangement, most aptly called the “gaming chair”.

Why Should I Use A Gaming Chair? What's The Cost Of Not Using One?

There’s more to this fad than just extreme comfort, increased focus and real-time sensation.

People buy them for ergonomic well-being.

Back, shoulder and neck pain, digestive issues, migraine headaches and overall faulty circulation can arise from poor posture due to long periods of sitting.

I think the question we need to ask is “What’s the cost of not using a gaming chair?”.

We’d all like a gaming chair that doesn’t cost a fortune, but when making this decision it’s worthwhile to pay attention to the other kind of cost…..the cost to your health.

This fallout is very real and the price is almost always high.

Incorrect Seating

cheap gaming chairs - chairs for gaming

Correct Seating

cheap gaming chairs - chairs for gaming

​So, believe it or not, a gaming chair is no longer a negotiable novelty.

It’s an absolute game changer (yep, another pun) and highly necessary for those of you who spend more than 30 minutes a day playing reality make-believe.

No, you’re not a self-indulgent jerk. Congrats – you’ve earned this trinket.

What Else Is Available To Keep Gamers  
Safe From Injury?



Working with a common computer mouse for a long period of time can cause your wrist to contort while attempting to alternately fire and move with index finger and thumb.

There are a myriad of ergonomic mouses (mice?) on the market, which will force your wrist to stabilize itself during game-play.



Holding your hand at a funky angle when using your keyboard action keys can cause wrist inflammation.

Incredibly, there are many keyboard solutions on hand that can solve your problems.

Game Controller


Continually pushing a specific button with your thumb will typically cause swelling at its base.

Specialty game controllers that ensure better coordination when ferociously fighting evil are now readily available.

What Are The Features/Benefits Of
A Gaming Chair?


o Headrest

o Armrests

o Back, butt and shoulder design

o Vibration and sound sync

o Accessible game controls

o Multi-chair connectivity

o Sound system

o Bluetooth and wireless

o Sleek style

o Optional ports/adapters such as HDMI and DVI

o Additional frills, such as cup holders, refrigerator, laser lights, etc.


o Less physical stress and injury

o Overall comfort

o Enhanced mental focus

o Intensified game-play

o Multi-player excitement

o No wires to trip over

o Classy addition to your game room/space

o Ability to sync with other components, such as TV, sound system, etc.

o Great for game-play as well as movies and music

More On The Features/Benefits

o Bluetooth/Wireless

As Sheldon says, everything is better with Bluetooth, including of course, chairs for gaming.

However, Bluetooth and Wireless are often mistaken for the same premise.

To find out more about the difference between the two, click here to go to our Bluetooth Gaming Chair fact and product page.

o Sound - Speakers/Subwoofers

Most chairs for gaming are equipped with speakers and subwoofers.

Some have 2 speakers, some have 4 or more.

Innovative sound and new vibration syncing technology allow for an incredible experience.

You’ll become a distinct part of the action, making your game-play phenomenally robust.

Now, it’s a little-known fact that more and more people are buying gaming chairs for another reason – the sound and sensation experience.

To some, comfort, focus, performance and health are just sideline details.

The ultimate reality experience awaits you with built-in headrest speakers and throw-down subwoofers.

Every crash, lightning strike, explosion and earthquake is not only heard but felt at the very core of your being.

Man, you are there.

cheap gaming chairs - chairs for gaming

o Padded Armrests/Footrests/Headrest

Comfort for every part of your weary torso.

o Built-in controls

For you this means not having to move too far to control volume, change options, etc.

o Multi-chair connectivity

Connect two or more chairs for integrated, interactive fun.

o Additional Options and Frills

Yep, you need to have somewhere to place your drink during a long gaming tenure. Beverages are no longer optional.

The “other frills” are things that have actually been invented but will not be shown here, such as laser displays, smoke machines, heat and massage, built-in toilets, refrigerators and microwave ovens.

Can you spell l-a-z-y?

o Media Connectivity – Or How To Create Your Very Own New Game

Speaking on the topics of the Bluetooth gaming chair, wireless and sound, let’s quickly talk about the fact that music can also be enjoyed in a whole new way……by connecting your media to your new landing spot.

iPads, iPods, iPhones, smartphones, Mp3 players, boomboxes and even TV and PC can be connected to the chair, typically via wireless or Bluetooth but certainly by wired hookups as well.

Just be sure that the model you choose has all of the compatibility needed for your sound and music components.

Who doesn’t need a break from all the daily chaos, as well as the long hours spent gaming. Click here to read about Okan Kaya, the Guinness world record holder for longest video game-play.

Use your wireless or Bluetooth gaming chair to its max.

Close your eyes, sit back, relax and get lost in the sound.

See? You've created your very own new game!

What Are the Different Types Of Chairs For Gaming?

For all intents and purposes, there are several main types of gaming chairs or seating arrangements:

o Rocker

o Pedestal

o PC/Computer

Not only do you get a great gaming/racing chair, it will suffice in comfort as your office/desk chair as well.

o Racing/Flight Simulation

These are typically “chassis” or “cockpit” type setups, ready for steering wheel, foot pedals, dashboard and other simulation components. Click here to see some crazy tricked-out simulators.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to a gaming chair and one type is not better than the other, by any means.

It all comes down to what your personal preference is.

There are some pretty nice models out there that can deliver exactly what you need for just a small investment.

What About Gaming Chair Compatibility?

Most chairs for gaming can be used with all of the widely-used gaming consoles and platforms.

The manufacturer will let you know what it can be used with and what to stay away from.

Gaming consoles can be easily connected using wireless or Bluetooth or with the supplied cables.

Remember that if you want to hook it up to your PC or TV, the chair should have HDMI support.

cheap gaming chairs - chairs for gaming

Xbox One Gaming Chair: When it comes to gaming chairs, Xbox One compatibility seems to be the one people are asking about more often than most.

The worst scenario happens when you fall in love with a specific Xbox One gaming chair, work an added shift or two to save extra money and proudly click “Buy Now”, only to have it arrive and not work out.

Always double-check compatibility, to ensure there are no disappointed players when your chair finally arrives.

Most popular gaming consoles: Multiple forms of Playstation, Xbox, Wii.

PC/Computer [Video games/Online gaming]: These run on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

In a perfect world, you would choose a chair that is compatible with all of the preferred platforms, however, your main objective is to find one you love that works with your current Xbox One system and/or anything you may decide to buy in the near future.

Don’t take the whole process too seriously, however……..

As with any other purchase of this caliber, be smart, not complacent.

Do your homework by visiting sites like ours. (Actually, just visit our site. It would make us very happy.)

We have researched all of our featured gaming chairs and as always, we try to rate based on endorsements, evaluations and recommendations from consumers like you.

The Overall Skinny - To Sum Up

In the past few years, the species of reality-based game play has become more than just a household word.

According to Quora, 156 billion hours a year are spent playing video and online games worldwide.

Just recently, the topic of comfort and ergonomic health made its way into the mix and voila – the gaming chair was born.

Many models and versions, gobs of features, oodles of accessories and a myriad of prices – all made by a diverse group of companies that span the globe.

We now know that this is no longer an optional accessory for serious gamers but a necessity for pretty much all game jockeys.

Not just because of the basic qualities and rewards but more importantly for the health considerations.

All of a sudden, we’ve got a bunch of sedentary people leaping into position to vie for the MVP award in skateboarding and discus throwing, compliments of Wii.

What we end up with is a group of people scratching their heads, trying to figure out why they wound up in the ER being treated for a “real” injury.

cheap gaming chairs - chairs for gaming

Big Bang Theory’s Leonard is seen in one episode with an ice pack on his ankle, whining about how he absolutely cannot show up in the emergency room with yet “another video game injury”.

Now, we’ve discussed the fact that cheap can sometimes = crappy, which almost always = unhappy.

Better to look at price, relative to what you get in return.

Remember that shopping emotionally will only make you penny-wise and pound-foolish.

The term "cheap gaming chairs" can be misleading.


Sometimes we try to save a pocketful of nickels only to end up paying more in the end, due to a not-so-smart purchase.

There are more than several things to consider when looking for the best chairs for gaming.

We’ve covered most of them here, as well as the main attributes of the most popular models for 2016, built by the best-known manufacturers.

Know what features you need and make sure to have your checklist ready as you shop.

Bottom line is, do some research but don’t get overwhelmed.

Let experts like us guide you toward where you want to be.

Our particular method for choosing “the best” and “the cheapest” is very simple and clear-cut, so you’ll know that what we suggest is not only noteworthy, it’s genuine.

Please keep in mind that you don’t have to actually buy an item that we’ve recommended.

We’re certain that our suggestions will create a path for you to follow toward your final purchase destination.

Remember that a gaming chair is an important purchase – like buying a bed.


But it’s really way more fun.

And because it’s something that everyone in the home can use and enjoy, everyone gets involved and everyone gets excited.

Keep in mind that it makes a fantastic addition to your game room/space and you’ll be the envy of all your gaming buddies.

Unless of course you’re the last one in your group to actually get one.


If that’s the case, you’ll be the recipient of some lingering remarks regarding how great it is that you’re finally out of the stone-age.

Just take your licks……..and enjoy your new throne!

Time To Decide!

Come on.......You know you want one! You deserve it! 


Although it is ultimately your decision, be cautious of which retailer you choose.

You never want to be disappointed with your purchase or the many facets of the buying process that go with it.

We are big fans of Millions of people trust Amazon with their shopping needs every year. Lower prices, free shipping on tons of items, several convenient payment options, timely delivery, great customer support and hassle-free returns are just some of the benefits.

Big and Tall

Ace Bayou 4.1 Pro Series X Rocker available at Amazon

AK Racing AK-9011 Large Size Ergonomic Racing Style available at Amazon

Arozzi Torretta XL Series Gaming Racing Chair available at Amazon


X Rocker 51396 Pro Series 2.1 Wireless Video Gaming Chair available at Amazon

Arozzi Torretta Gaming Racing Chair available at Amazon


X Rocker II SE 2.1 Wireless Sound Video Gaming Chair available at Amazon

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Wireless Audio Gaming Chair available at Amazon

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series 2.1 Wireless Video Gaming Chair available at Amazon


Ace Bayou X Rocker Vibe Video Game Chair available at Amazon

X Rocker 5125401 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Audio Video Gaming Chair available at Amazon

X Rocker 0778401 Executive Office 2.0 Bluetooth Audio Gaming Chair available at Amazon


Openwheeler Advanced Racing Sim Gaming Chair available at Amazon

Volair Sim Universal Flight/Racing Simulation available at Amazon

GTR Racing Simulator - GTSF Model Driving Sim Cockpit available at Amazon

PC Games/Racing

AK Racing AK-9011 Large Size Ergonomic Racing Style available at Amazon

Arozzi Torretta Gaming Racing Chair available at Amazon

Xbox One

Ace Bayou 4.1 Pro Series X Rocker available at Amazon

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series 2.1 Wireless Video Gaming Chair available at Amazon

Playseat Challenge Gaming Chair available at Amazon

Openwheeler Advanced Racing Sim Gaming Chair available at Amazon

Overall Top 5 Best Cheap Gaming Chairs 2016

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series 2.1 Wireless Video Gaming Chair available at Amazon

AK Racing AK-9011 Large Size Ergonomic Racing Style available at Amazon

Arozzi Torretta Gaming Racing Chair available at Amazon

Openwheeler Advanced Racing Sim Gaming Chair available at Amazon

Ace Bayou 4.1 Pro Series X Rocker available at Amazon

Overall Value For the Money

Ace Bayou 4.1 Pro Series X Rocker available at Amazon

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