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Guinness World Record Video Game -
135 Hour Marathon!

A 28 year old Australian video gamer showed how much he loves Call Of Duty. 

In a remarkable show of stamina and passion, Okan Kaya crushed the Guinness Book of World Records' longest video game marathon in the history of the sport.

On 11/12/2012, after seven days of grueling play, Kaya stomped the previous record of 120 hours, 7 minutes [March/2012 by a Canadian duo playing the Sony Resistance series].

With a whopping 135 hours of shoot-em-up.

Father of two, Kaya’s real job is that of a sales manager at a Sydney online retailer, 4Cabling, whose Facebook company page tracked Kaya’s progress.

His boss went the extra mile to make sure he had everything he needed to get the task done.

He provided him with a quiet conference room, small but adequate meals to keep him alert and sharp, as well as witnesses to confirm the events for the Guinness representatives.

Guinness regulations state that there can only be one 10-minute break every hour.

Kaya would accumulate time by ditching breaks and combining the minutes.

He would use that combined time to sleep for brief periods.

Regardless, this was a tough one for Kaya.

“My hands were cramping up and I went through a lot of bandages,” Kaya told the Australian Associated Press. “I even tried to ‘pad up’ my controller.”

It’s widely known that this type of unsupervised gaming marathon can have a deadly edge. 

A few years ago, after a powerfully long gaming session, a 20 year old player from the UK lost his life from a pulmonary embolism.

As well, a teen from Taiwan died one summer after 40 hours of formidable Diablo 3.

Aware of the strain on his body, Kaya gamed periodically while on a moderately-sized StairMaster.

This was to prevent possible deadly blood clots.

It was confirmed by a Guinness representative that Kaya had indeed registered for this event, however, the verification and evaluation process may take some time.

“While no Guinness World Records adjudicator was on site to verify, we await for Okan to send across all the necessary and required evidence across to in order for our records team to properly authenticate,” the representative told NBC News.

On 11/19/2012, Kaya’s new world record was confirmed and documented by Guinness.

As far as Kaya is concerned, it was really fun and he enjoyed himself immensely.

However, this would probably be the last of the record smashing – at least for the time being.

“If I told the wife I had to go away for a week again and smash another record, she’d probably file for divorce,” he told the Australian Associated Press.

Rewritten from Huffington Post article published on 11/21/2012. Images courtesy of Huffington Post.

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