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Kids Projector Transforms Room
Into Fantasy Land

Lumo is an extraordinary kids projector that takes technology to a new level. 

It turns their ideas into play land, story land, adventure land, fantasy land and an extreme learning canvas.

And, well, if your children love to create stories and adventures, they are no different than every other child exploring the world of fun.

Lumo takes whatever they’re thinking and makes your floor into 4x6 foot interactive tapestry of fun, learning, enlightenment, curiosity and stimulation.

Rather than immersing themselves in a video game, glued to a screen or monitor, Lumo lets them play together, face-to-face.

They interact with the game, as well as each other.

Isn’t this how playing was meant to be?

Included with Lumo is a diverse set of games.

Your kids can wave their hands, stomp their feet, jump and kick, to which Lumo responds, so that the entire experience becomes an active give-and-take.

Imagine spending hours wandering through magical forests on your way to meet a princess – or a fire-eating dragon.

There’s also an online game template designed for kids, ages 2 – 12, which enables them to be the creators of their own adventures. 

A software development kit is in the works for developers to possibly design and make their own games and apps.

They can sketch an erupting volcano, an ocean filled with sharks, a castle complete with moat

and on and on......

Running on Android software, iOS devices may also be used as controllers.

And to expand its versatility, Lumo has an HDMI interface, enabling it to operate as an external projector for watching movies and playing video games as well.

And then, not too far down the pike, some incredible technology will be added to Lumo.......

​These brilliant developers have learned how to make toys become controllers!

​Lumo perceives them and brushes them with light, changing their appearance.

A toy train becomes a UFO – and even explodes when it’s damaged.

Easy to install, a mounting bracket is used for wall-hanging.

Out of reach, a child lock is employed to keep tiny hands from becoming too curious.

The projector ball pivots, allowing Lumo to be hung from the ceiling as well.

A standard power adapter connects it to the wall plug.

Lumo was available as a fringe benefit to the initial backers of the company’s Indiegogo campaign.

Subsequently, it became available for pre-sales at a higher price ($549) and has since sold-out.

The current target for delivery of these first-round products is mid-2016, although exact dates will depend on the amount of funding raised. 

Dates for future release to the public for this innovative invention will also depend on the amount of funding raised.

Can't wait for LUMO to become available?

You can build your own system using any projector, computer and USB web camera using our patented Po-motion platform. 

Click here to download a free demo.

Thought you had seen it all in terms of leading-edge technology for kids? Ah, here comes Lumo – the next best thing to being there!

To learn more about Lumo, click here.

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