mini cooper and creater

Mini Cooper Turns Into Crazy Gaming Chair - Meet The Guy Who Did It


A gaming chair/home entertainment system created from the front end of a Mini Cooper? 

Gives a whole new meaning to the word badass.

Designer David Gawthorpe, 37, who lives in Lower Hopton, West Yorkshire, UK, took two years to design and build this luxurious tush-cushion.

You mean someone actually had the brains and the moxie to devise and create this amazing innovation?

I’ve heard of quirky inventions that come from out-of-the box thinking but this takes the proverbial cake.

We are, at all costs, a people who love cool stuff.

And let’s face it – this is the ultimate possession that would give you exclusive bragging rights.

I can assure you that no one else in your neighborhood would have one.

Makes you think about the infamous retro commercial tag “Be the first to own……..”

Imagine playing Gran Turismo 5 in this bad-boy.

There’s a vibration base aptly named the “Butt Kicker”, which not only reacts to your gaming experience but also makes every sound an absolute plethora of sensations.

This is obviously not just for gamers.

It’s really a highly tricked-out, gnarly home-entertainment system.

And it’s not like anything you’ve ever see in a furniture store, specialty shop or online outfit.

It’s high resolution geekiness.

Mr. Gawthorpe modestly states “It’s a theatre-movie chair, a gaming chair, a workstation and a music centre.

It would interact well plugged into a large TV for watching films. 

If you're watching Saving Private Ryan, it has a vibration pad called the 'Butt Kicker', that reacts to bullet sounds."

The vitality of this high-spirited gadget really shows, by including the most stunning of features.

There’s a music and theater module, which includes stereo speakers in all four directions, iPod dock and headphones port.

And for gaming, an Xbox 360, 500-watt amplifier, a remote-controlled smoke machine, strobe and laser lights, sub woofers, a racing wheel, pedal set and da-da-da-daaaaa……….a mini-fridge in the rear (because as I’ve said many times, beverages are no longer optional during recreation time). 

mini cooper and creater

Here’s the most convenient feature:

The actual chair can be hidden away under the hood; the racing wheel also slips neatly under the hood; and the foot pedal mechanism glides nicely under the grille

A London entrepreneur purchased the prototype.

He's planning to sell the chair for £8000 ($12,883) in his shop.

Rewritten from article published 5/2011. Images courtesy of

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