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Urinals Are Now For Gaming - 

Men have always complained that there’s nothing to keep them busy while they urinate. 

Boring white wall tiles, blank faced patrons, look up, look down - for what appears to be an eternity.

They stand out quite distinctly and noticeably.

Apparently they’ve never heard of Captive Media’s solution to this age-old problem.

They’ve obviously never frequented one of the thousands of establishments that have installed what’s known as a “mounted above the urinal - hands free - urine stream controlled” video gaming console in their public restroom.

Based in the UK, Captive Media is proud of its ingenious and much needed entertainment outlet (pardon the pun). 

They offer a diverse variety of games, each title made into a somewhat fractured, yet knee-slapping pun. 

Click here to DEMO EACH OF THE FOLLOWING GAMES at Captive Media’s website.
u won’t be able to tear yourself away.

The patron has three choices at which to aim in the urinal.

Unique “sensors” read Start, Left and Right.

An infra-red device inside the console can distinguish the direction of the urine flow.

Thus, a primitive joystick is established (another pun – really bad, I know).

When the user is finished, they can POST THEIR RESULTS to a social media
leader board via cell phone.

The 12-inch screen is made of strong, hardened glass and can be cleaned effortlessly.

And since the sensor unit is contact-less and without any type of camera, it makes this a fairly simple device.

Powered by Intel’'s Atom Dual Core microprocessor, it’s also installed with Windows 7.

Good news for the ladies: Captive Media also hopes to launch units for the ladies' restrooms. 

“There are ‘good anatomical reasons’ that women can't use the original device”, Mr. MacSween says.

But units with quiz games will be placed in similar locations to hand-dryers, in a bit to alleviate boredom during notoriously long queues.”

For more info, go to Captain-Media's website.

Rewritten from BBC News article published on 11/28/2011. Images courtesy of BBC News and Captive-Media Ltd.

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