virtual reality

Virtual Reality - Oculus Rift
Reach Out And Touch The Forces Of Evil!

Virtual Reality - Oculus Rift Is Finally Here!

~~ It's What We've All Been Waiting for ~~

virtual reality

Be The Envy Of Your Gaming Posse....... 

Oculus Rift!

With all the hype attached to this insane technology, you probably thought you could never afford one.

You also probably thought that you didn't know enough about it to make an informed choice.

Well, as it turns out, you can afford it because prices have never been this low! And the reviews speak for themselves, so you can say goodbye to any concerns you may have had. 

Look! Virtual Reality First Class Video

WATCHING THIS ONE MINUTE VIDEO will give you just a hint of what the virtual world is like. You can't possibly understand the magnitude unless you're wearing the actual headset. 

virtual reality

Even the kids will be astonished!

virtual reality

Imagine Yourself As The First In Your Rag-Tag Band Of Gamers To Have This Stunning New Product!

Oculus Rift

virtual reality

We Think You'll Agree -- It's Remarkable! Here's The Skinny

o Tons of games to download. Lucky’s Tale comes in every box

o Oculus Rift is so state-of-the-art, the feeling of actually being there is as close to reality as it’s ever going to get

o Reach out and touch. Experience physically what used to be just a visual sense!

o Want to take a virtual vacation? Go to the other side of the world for an encounter that will leave you breathless

o Into social fun? Connect with your friends in a whole new way!

o Amazing resolution

o Extremely comfortable, customizable and just plain dazzling

o Head tracking - Single sensor sits on your desk

o Room scale VR will be better once the additional sensors are released later this year

o Uses the Xbox One controller (included) to interact with games and VR. Motion controllers to be released later this year

o Will be compatible with more games once the motion controllers are released

Oculus Rift Review

virtual reality

How does Oculus Rift stand up to its competition, HTC Vive? Take a look at one tech reviewer's opinion here.....

Bottom Line

Oculus Rift has it sewn up in terms of comfort and the enhanced virtual reality experience will come once the additional peripherals are released.

HTC Vive is more immersive into the VR experience but is so heavy that it can distract from the adventure. One customer said it was like wearing a pair of giant bookends.

Read the reviews for Oculus on Customers could not be more excited with their experience. They say that it's one of the most exhilarating phenomenon they've ever been witness to and it can't be explained unless you try it.

We can't emphasize this enough: Our opinion is that Oculus wins hands-down.

I suspect that with the one of the top-rated cheap gaming chairs available and one of these VR headsets, you'll be struttin' yer stuff and envied by all. So......

!!  What are you waiting for?  !!

Time To Decide......

Grab One Now - Not Sure How Long These Will Last

Come on - You know you want one!

Oculus Rift

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