A Promise To Our Customers

Here at Game Room Heaven, our intention is to guide you in your buying decision so that you are inclined to “buy” rather than “be sold to”.

Because we are consumers just like you, we understand how important it is not to ever let profit trump ethics

We will never scam you or abuse your generosity in making us your number one shopping site

Our goal is to earnestly research what’s noteworthy and give you a head-start in terms of features and comparisons

So that you can buy with confidence

We do not recommend products of which there are only refurbished or used versions

From time to time there may be a product that is presented by two or more different sellers and the prices may vary quite a bit

We will always point you in the direction of the least expensive

In our commitment to get you the most bang for your buck, we will never try to convince you to buy anything that is so cheap it will probably need to be replaced not long after you purchase it

We try not to feature a product without any customer reviews, but once in a while 1) If the product is from a well-known company that stands behind their stuff 2) If there are no other choices that have decent reviews 3) If it’s a new product release — we’ll feature it.

We like to think of our site as upbeat, humorous and a bit quirky

Some people may tell you that quirky is juvenile

To them we say, “You bet. And your point is…….?”

We happen to think that our visitors will enjoy their shopping experience if they aren’t bored to death

We promise to do our best to make you slap your knee at least once while you’re visiting us

Now, if charts and graphs and loads of specification data are what you’re looking for, this probably isn’t the place for you

Our product reviews are simple and to the point

They contain the information that the normal consumer needs, in order to make an informed decision

Too much information is overload and will most definitely confuse you

Too many product models for comparison tend to promote headaches and mild seizures and we don’t want that

We try not to review more than a handful of models at one time

It is our highest priority to steer you in the right direction as far as your options

You may see something else you like and buy that instead

That’s perfectly fine

We certainly don’t want to turn you into stepford shoppers

We are extremely grateful that you found value in our site and chose to do business with us, no matter what you decide on

Our product posts are sprinkled with humor, and our interest articles are downright funky

Look for some wacky photos and off-the-wall videos dusted throughout the content

These are just to keep you on your toes and your eyes wide open

That’s right — no humdrum, tedious websites here

There are those who will tell you that funky is strange

To them we say, “You bet. And your point is…….?”

We believe in offering our visitors a bit of entertainment in-between shopping, so we’ve tried to post engaging stories and articles to add some levity to your day

So, no boring commentary on this website

No sir-ee-bob

No stuffy reviews and Lord have mercy, no crazy pop-ups or ads

We want you to come back every time you’re hankerin’ for another toy or two

Our products currently come from Amazon.com and eBay.com, worldwide leaders in online shopping. And depending on the retailer, you can expect:

Low prices

Great customer service

Hassle-free returns

Tons of payment options

Low price guarantee on many items

30-day money back guarantee

Enhanced delivery on selected components

And quite frequently, free shipping!

We love what we do — and we do know our business

Most of all, we love it when people get together and make memories

Read About Us and you’ll see why

So, stop by often

Leave a comment or two

Send us your photos or videos and we’ll post them here, as well as on our Facebook page

Our closing message to you is that life is short

Make it the best you can, no matter what’s going on

Love and acknowledge the people around you

Smile with them, laugh with them, give them a pat on the back

And above all, please don’t sweat the small stuff

You’ll have a much better time playing darts or air hockey