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Amazing Gaming Chair Racing Simulators - Mindblowing!

Hold On To Your Floaty Chair - Here We Go!

If you like real-time, real-life, feel it to your bones thrill-rides, then the following simulator setups will be on your wishlists before the sun sets today.

They're guaranteed to get you salivating. And then, of course, there's my wildly humorous commentary.

Oh, and you’d better have up to two-hundred thousand smackers layin’ around, ‘cuz these bad boys ain’t going on sale anytime soon.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4x4 Racing Simulator

  • This freakishly hair-raising model has triple panorama displays and is equipped with pro racing seat, steering wheel, foot pedals, handbrake and manual sequential (H-pattern) gearbox
  • Completely suspended, this unit receives input on position, G-force, speed, etc. from the game, which causes the cockpit to react with full motion
  • You are pushed to your limit when you feel the G-force on acceleration and the sensation of curves and vibration
  • This simulator can mimic a myriad of racing scenarios, including rally and circuit with monopostos, carts, sports and formula
  • Approx $30,000

Although not as expensive as the others on this page, you’ll still have to convince your other half that applying for a second mortgage on your home is really a fun idea.

Instead, click here for details on the GTR Racing Simulator available at Amazon.

Thrustmaster - Racing Simulator

  • Take a test drive in Thrustmaster’s amazingly polished simulator.
  • Introduced at CES 2013, it spotlights a three-monitor setup, customized sound and an authorized F1 Ferrari racing wheel.

You’ll have to break into the 401k to get your hands on this hot potato.

As a slight alternative, we recommend the Thrustmaster T500RS Racing Wheel, available at Amazon. Click here for details. Flight Simulator

  • This flight simulator has triple panorama displays and is equipped with cutting edge components
  • Completely suspended, it receives feedback on aircraft position, G-force, speed, etc. from the game, which causes the cockpit to react with full motion
  • The G-force on acceleration and the sensation of curves and vibration from the wind velocity will blow you away with realistic precision
  • This simulator can reproduce multiple aircraft, as well as relevant scenarios and airports
mean kid

College fund? Not that important.

You only live once, right?

You must have been drunk the whole time you were saving for his future.

I mean, what were you thinking? 

Blow the lid off that thing!

Cruden Hexatech Simulator

  • This system can be customized to give input based on wheelbase, track, chassis, steering, tire, brakes, drive train, suspension context settings, etc.
  • Not just for the F1
  • It can also be used for NASCAR, WRC and 24 Hour Racing as well
  • All you need for your thrill of a lifetime are three 42 inch screens or a projector in a room with at least a ten-foot ceiling.
  • Approx $191,000
bill gates

You’ll have to hope that your rich Uncle Bill includes you in the will to get this one.

Or you could take a look here at the Volair Sim Universal Flight/Racing Simulation available at Amazon. It has strong reviews and will give you a solid bang for your buck.

To Sum Up......Coconut Heads Everywhere?

genie and lamp

Incredible and fab for the wishlist but.....

Who buys these insanely expensive toys?

How quickly do they become obsolete?

Most importantly, are they safe?

As I watched one guy get tossed back and forth like he was riding a mechanical bull, it occurred to me that ergonomic health goes right out the window once you park your little tush on that innocent looking death machine.

I imagine there are more than a few chuckles among the ER medical staff when you show up with real-life whiplash from a make-believe video game.

I also think that helmets should probably be worn.

 Because one day soon, someone will become dizzy while pretend-driving the death machine, misjudge his coordination and fall head-first out of it and split his skull open like a coconut.

But the whole “head injury” thing is futile.

As Jerry Seinfeld once said, “We found ourselves participating in many activities that were cracking our heads."

"We chose not avoid these activities and the helmet was invented; just so we could continue our head-cracking lifestyles.”

harold lloyd

And we’ll go down fighting.

We’ll crave the adrenaline rush and we’ll subject ourselves to thrills and chills of the third kind until the day we die.

I guess that’s how the helmet and death machine companies

stay in business.

You know you're all fired up now!

But to be on the safe side, take a gander at our more guarded suggestions here.......

Wait - Don't Hang Up Yet!

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And Before You Go......

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