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Best Air Hockey Table -
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Before You Buy An Air Hockey Table

We've spent hundreds of hours reviewing and researching but many of you will still want to dig a bit deeper and that's to be expected. Perfectly fine.

We're just here to steer you in the right direction, so you can find the best air hockey table available.

It has to match your needs and skill level.

We think you'll agree that swimming through all the jibber-jabber on multiple sites is not fun. That's where we come in.

We've tried to set this up so that you can look at the reviews carefully and we typically stay away from showcasing items that have less than 3.5 - 4 stars [overall].

And please do not worry about one or two customers raging about their issues.

Look at the overall rating and of course, the rest of the reviews.

Unfortunately, some people just rush into it basing their decision on pictures or a quick run-through of the product and then wind up hating whatever arrives.

Just make sure you know what kind of table you want/need and don't go into deep debt to purchase a tricked-out killer commercial table - 

- that probably won't even fit through your front door!

But this doesn't have to be difficult. As it turns out, you absolutely can find the best air hockey table to fit your needs and budget. We've got it all right here. You'll also see tons of other tables in the process. There's definitely no shortage of choices!

Now.........go find a table. Time's running out.

Your in-laws are waiting to wipe up the floor with you!


Best Air Hockey Table - Reviews!
~ Listed By Table Style ~

Basic Style

These come in different sizes but typically not regulation.nn

Be wary of the features you’re getting – you want all the bells and whistles available for the smackers you’re going to plunk down.

For instance, engaging sounds and automatic score-keeping.

Sturdiness is not usually a concern, unless you choose something that won’t hold up due to cheap, sub-par construction.

FYI, keep in mind that a table that’s at least six feet in length will allow you to take advantage of those tricky yet exciting bank shots. 

Viper Vancouver 7.5' available at Amazon

o Dimensions: 89-1/2" L x 50" W x 32" H

o Professional-style electronic scorer and timer

o Dual-end puck return

o Colorful graphics designed to look like an ice-hockey rink

o Air flow rate of 110 cubic feet per minute

o Four mallets and four pucks included

o Leg levelers to ensure a level playing surface

o Best Air Hockey Table!

Playcraft Derby 6' available at Amazon

o Cherry wood grain or Black PVC laminate finish

o Chrome accents

o Pedestal style legs provide added stability

o Leg levelers to level the table and adjust the height

o Surface is a high gloss scratch-resistant PVC

o 110v high power air fan motor

o Electronic scorer has a variety of game settings

o Two mallets and four pucks included

o Best Air Hockey Table!

American Heritage Billiards Monarch available at Amazon

o Sleek design with overhead arch

o Powerful 110 volt blower

o Electronic scoring

o Cherry-finished cabinet with silver trim

o Screen-printed surface

o Great sound effects, including National Anthem at start

o Best Air Hockey Table!

Blue Wave Carmelli NG1009H 5’ available at Amazon

o Sturdy, reinforced legs and certified MDF construction means no shimmy

o Electronic scoring

o Stabilizing leg levelers ensure a level playing field

o 110V high output electric blower

o Automatic puck return

o Two mallets and two pucks included

o Best Air Hockey Table!

Gold Standard Pro Elite available at Amazon

o This table is our favorite in the BASIC category!

o Top-of-the-line table with features, construction and durability of commercial grade tables

o 110V high output blower motor

o Great for recreational or more competitive players as well

o Can handle the larger pucks

o Scratch resistant

o Electronic scoring unit with several game options

o Floor levelers

o Extruded top rails overlap playfield so puck doesn’t fly away as often

o Best Air Hockey Table!

Arcade Style

Regulation size on an air hockey table is eight feet (length) and that’s the proportion you’ll get with arcade model.

They have many extras (some more, some less, depending on price) and are extremely sturdy.

They will typically last for many years with little or no maintenance.

The tabletop surfaces are ultra-smooth and the air current is highly accommodating.

These tables will always include some type of electronic scoring panel.

The more competitive you are, the more you’ll need a robust motor, sturdy surface and nicely crafted rails.

An arcade style table will give you all three.....and more.

Valley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style available at Amazon

o Approved for play by the United States Air-Table Hockey Association

o Top-of-the-line in construction and stability

o Electronic scoring unit with side mounted LED display

o Also comes with an overhead scoring unit

o Dyna-blast blower system

o Heavy duty polystyrene legs/leg levelers

o Tournament tested rails

o 2 mallets and 2 pucks included

o Best Air Hockey Table!


These can be exceptionally entertaining; especially for snarky teens and pre-teens who constantly need to re-energize their psyches.

Air hockey can be combined with pool, foosball, ping-pong, shuffleboard, etc.

Most often 2-4 total games in one unit but we’ve seen some multi units with 13 games included.

Honestly, we haven’t seen many multi units that get rave reviews, so you need to be cautious here.

You want the most bang for your buck and you see a really low price for more than one game and you could tend to get carried away.

You snatch it up, only to open the package when it arrives and realize dismally that the phrase “You get what you pay for” is actually very true.

In the meantime, the kiddies are standing around anxiously waiting to play.

Do you want to be the one to tell them it’s not going to happen? 

o Best of the best of the best in this category

o Great space-saver

o High output blower

o Manual scoring system

o Glossy white surface made to resemble an ice hockey rink

o Billiards playing surface features Tetolon green cloth, rubber bumpers, and drop pockets

o Table tennis surface is a tri-fold for easy storage

o Four mallets, four pucks, set of 2-1/4" billiard balls, resin triangle, two 57" two-piece cues, billiard brush, two pieces of chalk, two table tennis paddles and balls, and net and post set are included

o Best Air Hockey Table!


Yay for Boom-A-Rang air hockey!  We love this game.

It’s just air hockey with a different slant ~

Players don’t stand opposite each other.

They stand next to each other.

The objective is for a player to hit the puck against the wall in front of them to try to get it to relay back [in a V shape] and into their puck pocket, directly in front of the opposing player.

What will they think of next?

Great American Boom-A-Rang, available at Amazon

o Brilliant concept!

o Being called the next gen of air hockey

o Industrial rated blower with 350 cu/ft/min

o Overhead electronic scoring unit

o Adjustable leg levelers

o Oversized rails ensure puck doesn’t fly away as often

o Table Dimensions: 62.5in W x 51.5in D x 32in H

o Best Air Hockey Table! (from the wacky department)


These are more flexible when it comes to where you can play.

Tabletop means just that – something you can easily place on top of another surface.

They are obviously smaller than the other types and make a good choice if you don’t have a lot of space available for your leisure needs – and/or if you only have small children who want to play.

Carrom Power Play Hockey Game, available at Amazon


As for cost, we never recommend any type of product that you’ll have to replace in a few months.

I promise you -- we’re not just saying that so you’ll spend more.


We can't emphasize this enough.........from our many years of being in this business, generally speaking:

Cheap = Crappy
Crappy = Unhappy

You can still make a great decision in finding the best air hockey table and not break the bank. There are some models out there that are cheap but still perform very well.

We’ve done the research and put everything together here, for your convenience.

Your goal will be to weigh all of the features, as well as the overall review, in relation to the price.

We try not to feature a product without any customer reviews, but once in a while 1) If the product is from a well-known company that stands behind their stuff 2) If there are no other choices that have decent reviews 3) If it's a new product release -- we’ll feature it.

Again, look at the company and the features relative to the cost.

And know that 99.9% of the time, if something happens to go wrong, the company will be sure to make you whole again. 


If worse comes to worse, you can always take your case to The People’s Court.

What a hoot that would be!

Joking aside, it all comes down to using your noggin.

Use it – go with your gut and picture you and your family screaming laughing as you play.

Don't forget to buy some extra mallets for playing teams.



Remember to take your game room/space into consideration when you purchase.

You don’t want the room to be ‘all table’.

I think Seinfeld did an episode on that very situation.

Hilarious........but your life is not a TV sitcom!

It's real as rain, so if space is limited, just swallow your pride and consider a smaller size model.

If space is limited, just swallow your pride and consider a smaller size model.

If space is really limited, a tabletop model might do, if it's only the kids who'll be playing.

And if there’s no room for an actual table, you can set the tabletop game right on the floor for a nifty alternative. 

Kids love to play on the floor! 

There are also foldaway tables, although it’s a bit difficult to find a sturdy one. Just be cautious. 

Now, if you have a ton of space in reserve, plan to take it to the limit.

A splashy high-end basic model will give you braggin’ rights and beckon your friends every weekend.

Skill Level


Understand also that in terms of price and maybe even scalability; if you’re an experienced player who just happened to get really good at the game;

or you actually have the peanuts to enter tournaments, you’ll want to spend a bit more. 

An intermediate player will obviously want something more mid-level.  

Children and adult beginners can get by with something basic.

Just remember that once someone masters the game, they normally need to trade-up to something more suited to their aptitude in a very short time.

Keep in mind that some basic air hockey tables count on their sleek surface, rather than a strong motorized air system to get the job done.

For an adult beginner, that could be enough to dishearten even the most good-natured of players.

The good news is that the majority of basic models are sturdy and have robust air blowers.

You'll have to spend a tad more but you'll be glad you did.

 The perfect air hockey table is a terrific investment.

Fan Strength

The air blowers (fans) are something to consider as well.

Air hockey means “air” hockey. Otherwise, it would just be called hockey.

best air hockey table

The puck ‘floats’ on a burst or stream of air.

On kids’ tables, when the puck is usually smaller, the air stream is, of course, much lower to accommodate.

Just make sure to check the blower quality on the larger tables to ensure it can handle a regulation-size puck.


One feature that comes with quite a few tables is adjustable legs or something similar, such as floor levelers.

At some point, you may find that your table is not level and the puck embarks on a ghostly jaunt across the table, completely opposite from where you sent it, right before your very eyes.

Instead of having to fold a matchbook in half, shove it under one of the legs and pray that it stays there for the remainder of the game, if your table comes equipped with adjustable legs, ba-da-bing – all fixed with nary another thought.

The best features are the sound effects, tones and yes -- some even utilize crowds cheering when someone scores.

best air hockey table

We know of at least one model that plays the National Anthem before you start the game.

Some models come with an automatic puck return, which is something we probably don't think about when we're shopping.

I guess not having that feature would be like not having an automatic ball return when you're out bowling.

Although, it's probably easier to manually pull the puck out of the pocket than it would be to slide down the alley on your toosh to retrieve a bowling ball.

Anyway, something to think about.

We are, admittedly, kind of a lazy bunch nowadays.



Some tables don’t come equipped with automatic or electronic scoring.

Be sure to think about the fact that someone will have to keep score manually and this could definitely take away from the game if a player has to stop after every goal to write it down.

Unless, of course, you have a third friend who doesn’t mind sitting there bored to death with pen and paper and has nothing better to do on a Saturday night.

For the tables that do come with a scoreboard, it can be attached over the table or on one of the table sides.


A quick little something on guarantees and assurance:

Be sure to research the manufacturer’s claims and warranties and base part of your purchase decision on price relative to how strongly the manufacturer stands behind his product. 

If it gets a big enough ouchie, you want to make sure his bandaid will fit.

However, remember that extended warranties can typically be a waste of money. Most credit card companies offer extra protection, so check with them first.


How Do Air Hockey Tables Work?

Air hockey is fun for everyone.

As they say, “excitement for ages 5 to 105!”

You don’t have to be an aspiring champion to absolutely love this game.

So, how does this contraption work?

What’s the secret operative here?

Is the puck really a disc-like hover-board?

How does the puck just seem to glide across the surface without any effort?

Believe it or not, it’s fairly uncomplicated.

An air hockey table is made up of a glossy surface, typically made of plastic or a compound close to it.

best air hockey table

The sides are raised a bit so that the puck cannot go flying off the table and take out someone’s eye, therefore making it not such a fun game.

There are tiny holes driven throughout the tabletop.

This creates a concise, smooth and stable playing field.

A motor under the table is used to blow air through these jets, creating the illusion that the puck is defying gravity, suspending itself in thin air.

When you maneuver the puck with your mallet, it says “okie-dokie” and just floats away to its destination. Magical!


After a rigorous length of playing time, any item like this is bound to have a complication. A poorly operating fan is the most typical issue people will encounter.

Like any other kind of fan, dust and grime can collect on the blades over time, causing it to run poorly and consequently making the game run sluggishly.

It can also be the culprit for dirt clogging the surface holes, forcing less air out from the blower.

At least once a month (or more, depending on the amount of play), you should clean off the blades with a damp cloth.

The more friction there is between surface and puck, the slower the game will run.

Don’t use any type of utensil to clean out the holes.

Should the need arise, use some type of compressed air container with a thin pipe or straw attached to suck out the dirt.

Brief History of Air Hockey

Working on the idea of air hockey began in 1969 by a team of engineers working for Brunswick Billiards, named Crossman, Kenrick and Baldwin.


February/2015 -- Kenrick and Baldwin were honored by the Muskegon Lumberjacks at the L.C. Walker Arena in Muskegon, Michigan for being the original inventors of the air hockey game. Image courtesy of Grand Haven Tribune [full story]

They had the idea that a friction-less playing surface would be the concept for a new and exciting pastime.

No friction = faster play. However, after a tenuous few years, nothing came of the idea.

There simply was no interest by anyone who mattered. In 1972, another Brunswick engineer who had a passion for the air hockey game, named Bob Lemieux came along.

He took over where his fellow engineers had left off.

He was incredibly successful in creating the first friction-less air hockey table.

The notion of low-pressure air jets took off.

It caught on fairly quickly. Everyone wanted in.

So successful, it became the first thing customers asked about when they entered bars, clubs, entertainment venues and arcades.

best air hockey table

Before you know it, leagues were formed and tournaments were the new challenge.

In 1973 the Houston Air Hockey Association formed the first air hockey team.

Not long afterward, the United States Air Hockey Association (yes indeedy, folks – there actually is such an organization) created and installed the official air hockey rulebook.

Since then, annual tournaments and championships have been held and so far, twelve players have won the title of World Air Hockey Champion.

So, this activity is relatively new compared to billiards and the like.

But its popularity knows no bounds.

As for who should get credit for the patent of friction-less table play is still a mystery.


The United States Air Hockey Association  have declared air hockey an actual sport.

Who would have thunk it? Air hockey of all things!

They are extremely scrupulous about which air hockey tables are approved and authorized for official play.

Remember to thoroughly clean out the underside of your table when you’re finished, to ensure that the dust doesn’t accumulate and blow back out onto the table surface.

List Of Approved Tables

Brunswick Blue Top

Dynamo Brown Top

Dynamo Blue Top

Dynamo Purple Top

Dynamo Photon (Ice-Blue Top) w/thin centerline

Dynamo Pro-Style

Dynamo Best Shot

Gold Standard Games Tournament Pro

Gold Standard Games Professional

Gold Standard Games Tournament Pro Elite (sanctioned under white light)

Gold Standard Games Elite (sanctioned under white light)

Gold Standard Games Premium (sanctioned under white light)

Gold Standard Games Gold Flare (sanctioned under white light)

A Few Basics About The Game

Rules, regulations and even design have changed somewhat since air hockey hit the streets. Official rule book can be found here.

Like most other similar games, this is to be expected, due to adjustments and developments of different stances, grips and drifts.

Drifts have definitely become more complex, making the game even more interesting and engaging.

Drifting is when a player lightly taps the puck with the mallet in order to position it for a shot.

It’s pretty much a pass to yourself into the area (called the shooting zone) where most of your shots will take place from.

Drifts can be grouped together in clusters in order to confuse the player’s opponent, sending the puck back and forth, hitting it a number of times continuously.

As in pool or billiards, these drifts can be set up in a way that can confuse the opponent even more, by sending the puck in a different direction than what it appeared to be making by putting some ‘spin’ on the puck with a swift movement of the mallet.

FYI, the shooting zone is essentially an imaginary zone on the table, exactly behind the center line, allowing you to get as close as possible to your rival’s side of the table to give you an edge on heightened accuracy.

The shooting zone doesn’t restrict the number of shots a player can take.

Trick shots, angles, banks and straights can be attempted from this area.

To Sum Up

Having one of these tables in your home pays off in relation to what you would spend to go out to an establishment to play, whether for social interaction and sport or to fine-tune your skills for tournaments.


What a blast you'll have when your friends and family gather on a weekend.

Healthy competition is always a plus and there’s plenty of humor to go around.


And you won’t have to tell the kids more than once to put down their tablets and smart-phones.

You may not even have to tell them.

They'll sniff out the buzz on their own.

We’ve also heard of people playing for wagers, such as shoveling the driveway or doing the laundry. Ha!

And if you're in a really silly mood, after you purchase your air hockey table, you can pick up an impressive, yet cheap gaming chair or the new Oculus Rift virtual reality headset  and experience gaming like you never have before.

You'll be the hottest talk of the town and everyone will want to be your friend.

As we’ve discussed, there are just so many models, types and designs to choose from that you can’t possibly go wrong when choosing your purchase.

It’s money well-spent and will create memories for years to come.

As stated earlier, we’ve done the research for you and tried to lay out all of the information and feedback that you need in a clear and concise way.

Further information regarding everything we've talked about here is available with the features and benefits directly on the listing/post specifications.

If you have a question that has not been answered, just shoot the seller an email. Contact info is easily accessible.

We’ve given you our top picks, so take a look and refer to the information above. You may see a similar model while you're perusing that you like better.

As we've said before, we're just pointing you in the right direction.

So go make your decision.

You'll come out of this a champion - when your table finally arrives and you assemble it in anticipation of battle........

Bottom line is, air hockey simply does the trick. It’s just way cool – no doubt about it.
Happy drifting!

Come On........You know you want one!

Time To Decide!

Okay folks, this is your call to action.

Take a walk on the wild side!

Although it is ultimately your decision, be cautious of which retailer you choose.

You never want to be disappointed with your purchase or the many facets of the buying process that go with it.

We are big fans of Millions of people trust Amazon with their shopping needs every year.

Low prices, free shipping on tons of items, several convenient payment options, timely delivery, great customer support and hassle-free returns are just some of the benefits.

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